Ding Yan’s rainfall fate! The latest injury report is released, and the injury is 8 weeks. Temporary CBA, and hurt the knee.

On December 1st, the latest injuries announced by the CBA official website, the Ding Yanshihang list is famous. Since the training is injured by teammates in the team, Xiao Ding knees are again damaged, and it is determined to consider the second phase of the regular season. At the end of December, there were https://www.basketballtrikotde.com
16 rounds of events, and Ding Yanshi is expected to absence most of the second phase of the event.

Ding Yanzhang’s career is really fate.

It is important to know that this season is Ding Yighang, and then returned to the CBA league after 3 years. The first stage of the previous stage, Ding Yanwei Airport is 14.2 points, the performance can be, it is the third scorer in the Shandong men’s basketball team, just playing some performance to get a little light, injury is again looking for the door, Ding Yanwei is really too Difference.

According to Shandong Media, Ding Yan is still not leading, it is in the process of training in the team, Xiao Ding is sitting on the basketball stand, and the player trained on the other game will hit the knee of Ding Yanhang after the basket. . The luck is not good, it is the most objective https://www.maillotsbasketfr.com evaluation of Xiao Ding.

4 years ago, 24-year-old Dingyuo seized the first CBA League MVP trophy, and the season was 24.2 points. When the summer, he went to the United States to represent the Southern Heroes, that year, Xiao Ding is the future hope of China’s basketball. It is seen as a striker player in the first true meaning of the basket history.

4 years later, the 27-year-old Dingyu has been injured for 3 years. It not only has to become NBA, but even the national team seats are lost, and the injury has destroyed this, the movement ability, the speed of movement, visible Slow, Ding Yanshi’s peak is completely back.

The rest of the knee injury is once again encountered, and the rest of Ding Yighang will also be affected. In the summer of 2020, Xiao Ding returned to the Shandong team signed a two-year contract, and the type D annual salary was 8 million. This contract expired this year. A free player wants to get a new contract, it is necessary to have a hard work. The value of the game, away from the performance of the peak, the knee injured again, these factors will affect the market market of Ding Yanshihang. If the Shandong team does not give a Class D top salary, then Ding Yan’s rain can choose to leave, but other CBA team will be willing to provide a contract to Xiao https://www.maillotbasket6.com Ding? If there is, can it be a top-class Top?

In 2018, Ding Yanshihang promised to play the NBA Development Alliance event on behalf of the NT team, and finally due to the problem of injury, Xiao Ding’s broker said, the year’s exclusive man has already provided a NBA basic salary contract Just because Xiao Ding is injured cannot reach an agreement. If you want to be the little Ding at that time, you won’t think of yourself, once you don’t play a little, Ding Yanshi is a problem in the survival of the CBA League.