Different a cup? Denim boss revealed that there have been other bosses. It is recommended that he sells the team.

Jerey Jones bought the team’s rapid growth team after $ 150 million in 1989, established the Dynasty, the 1990s, now the denim has become the world’s most commercial club, 2018 Wubble The team’s value list is in charge of Manchester United, and the columer is in the list. In fact, after many bosses, many bosses saw Jones, they wanted him to sell cowgirls and went to Los Angeles to show magic again.

After the 1994 season, the raids and rams left Los Angeles. The NFL spent 20 years. I took the way I would like to let the team returned to the second largest economic market in the United States. They designed a plan, including Jerry. Jones. A few days ago, Jones revealed that many NFL bosses hoped that he can lead the league to enter Los Angeles, but the premise is to sell the Cowboy, and then re-establish a team in Los Angeles.

“A few years ago, several bosses found me and asked if I consider the team and then build a better team. They let me accept the Los Angeles market, build Los Angeles.” Jones said. He did not give this specific time, but it was probably every time in 2003 to 2010, the Jones at the time. In fact, in 1999, the Alliance has already redeveloped a team, but Los Angeles cannot meet the conditions for the new play, so Houston finally got this expansion quota, forming the current Houston Texas.

Although Los Angeles is definitely a rich big cake in Jones, he doesn’t seem to have a new team from scratch after having a cowboy. “To be honest, I have been in Los Angeles is not interested. I can try to set up a new team with me in Los Angeles and the market, but he is unlikely to exceed the denim. I was born in Los Angeles, so this is I am very attractive, but I can’t built a big stadium like us now. “

In the end, Jones was tested to sell the cowboy and moved to the West Coast. He successfully “flicked” the other 31 bosses of NFL, so that they believe that the plazen is moving to Los Angeles, so at the conference at 30-2 The number of votes is unanimous through the ram team to move to Los Angeles in 2016.

Jones missed Los Angeles, “We (Dallas) is the most suitable football in the world, which is in Dallas in Texas. This is reflected in people’s enthusiasm for college football, with social and cultural interests. They support the university football, of course also support Dallas Cowgirl. So you can no longer find a better place than this, the rugby soil here is the best in the world. “

Jones not only saved the cowboy, but also helped the Ram Old Bark Stan-Klek to bring his team to Los Angeles. Now the market value of the denim is about $ 5 billion. If you are willing to believe Jones, he also said that he wants to build a billion club.

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