Cowboy boss is quite new handsome McCarti! He will take us to kill the super bowl

January 9 (Wen / ESPN Todd Archer Compile / Love) Darlas Denim Board and General Manager Jerry Jones Looking for the Ninth Coach in the team history, he will see the experience of winning. Especially important.

As a result, they confirmed the front packwork champion coach Mike McCarthy; while the Jones’s words were very eye-catching when the press conference on Wednesday.

Since I have won the championship in the last time, the cowboy has entered their third 10 years. Jones believes that McChae will lead the team to return to the extreme brilliant state in 1995.

“One of the main goals of the Dallas Cowboys’ main coach is to select a powerful team builder and winner. He not only has a stable victory record, but also has the highest level of winning record.”

Jones said, “In McCati, we have seen these features, but he not only meets these conditions, but also with a NFL team to board the largest stage – super bowl, and eventually won the champion.”

56-year-old McChaki once coached for 13 years in the packaging worker, the 2010 season led the team in the Super Bowl to finally win.

“I just want to say to the fans, our commitment is unswerving.” McCarti said, “I won my first super bowl at the AT & T stadium of Northern Texas, I just want to say, I am looking forward to winning the next super bowl of trophy for the cowboy. “

McCarti’s regular competition has been 125 wins 77 lightens 2 flat, and Kellen Moore is still expected to continue to work in his hand.

In addition, the defensive coordinator Mike Nolan, the special service group coach John Fas, John Fassel, Guiser, Jim Tomsula, and offensive front line coach Joe-Philbin (Joe Philbin will work under the new season in McCarti.

External handlan (Randall Cobb), which was played in McChae, also attended the press conference, three sharp lines of Travis Frederick, Zach – Martin (Zack Martin) and Antwound – Woods (Antwaun Woods) also attended.

McCarthy also talked about the current lineup of cowboy in the conference.

In the 2016 season, it was the package of the package that he led in the playoffs semi-finals, and the core of the cowboy offensive group was the “Youth Gemini” in the new show season – quartz Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott.

“I have always impressed him deeply.” McCarthy said that when Prescott said, “He can run the whole attack, I think he has an incredibly solid foundation.

Our offensive system will be built around the four-dimensional Safety, and I have learned, I also believe that our quadrant is also doing this, we have a great partner. “

Elliott has more than 1000 yards in the 4 seasons in the first four seasons in their careers, and there is no doubt that he is the focus of the cowboy offensive group. McCarta Tin is clear, this situation will not change in the future.

“Elliot will certainly get the right, I will not invert them.”

McCarti said, “I think you have to understand how to make four-dimensional success, the best way is to have a deterrent road attack. We know what we have, and how we will This is the basis. “

After a 12-hour interview last Saturday, the cowboy and McCarthy have reached a five-year cooperation agreement. Jones and his son, Stephen, Executive Vice President, Executive Vice President, clearly realized that McCarti is the person they are looking for.

“We chat,” McCarti said, “He seized my forearm, holding my hand, said: ‘You need to become the main coach of Dallas Cowboy’. I jumped up to hug him, this is the beginning of this story. Now, I am time to continue writing this story with my rest. “