Contradiction with the coach is not adjustable! Americas Tiger King Corner actively applies for transactions

September 17 (Wen / ESPN Michael Dirocco Compile / Love) Jacksonville Jalen Ramsey’s defensive ability is definitely top level, similarly, his “mouthless” It is also known as everyone. However, he may be because of his “big mouth” will leave the Jasper team. It is reported that the top-level angle of this alliance has filed a demand to the team. I hope the team will trader yourself to the team!

Ramse’s broker David-Muruka told ESPN ADAM SCHEFTER, and he had asked the Jagu team to trade his own ace angle. According to other sources, the American Tiger team has already opened negotiations with other teams. They have to have at least one first-round sign, and hope to get more chips so that they can get in this two occupational bowls. More resources.

Another source pointed out that this transaction may happen this week. The reason why Ramse puts forward such a request because he lost his emotion in the field of the Texas in the second week of regular season, and his relationship between Doug Marrone It is no longer bridge, and the two yell on the court.

The reason of the matter is Ramsea in the first section, when the Dean Triaces, the Temprout-Hopkins, who made the other, 3 yards to catch a 3 yard, thus completed three The first shift of 2 yards. However, Ramsse thought that Hopkins did not complete the ball, and the head of the main coach Malone was challenged. Malone did not make any action, and finally this wave of attack ended with the shooting of Texas.

Ramsse is rushed over from Maroline, and his mouth is chattering, and the corner guards Tim – Walton pulls it, press in the backrest. After Malong came to Ramset, advised to be calm down. “I want him to come out from this matter, I said to him, we still have a game to play, but have to move forward, let go of this Let’s take a thing! “Malone said.

Obviously, Malone put down this, but Ramsse did not let go. March said that the team would not punish Ramse, but they did not communicate with this matter during the training and Monday training. In the eyes of Malone, they have to prepare for the next game. However, Ramsea has expressed his dissatisfaction with the team.

This is no longer the first time Ramsse’s expression is dissatisfied with the team. In 2016, he and his teammate Tagn Jeepson, Davon House expression together to the ball. The team seasons were dissatisfied, and when he was a new show, he and Jepson said that the team’s defensive tactics made their ability to restrict, he hoped that the team was fully rectified against the defensive coach.

In a context, the 2017 US Federation finally encountered the Patriot team, Ramse was publicly criticized to defense in the fourth quarter. In the offset period, the first round of the first round of the first round of the first round hopes to renew in advance in advance, but the team clearly said that this season will not renew him, and the fifth The annual rookie contract, his contract will expire after the end of 2020.

At present, I don’t know if the American Tiger’s Management and the coach group take the temporary strategy for Ramse, first slammed him and say it; if it is not, the star angle guard is still countless in the days of the Jigu team, however From the ability, Ramse will make its defensive second-line strength enhanced in no matter which team join. If he is happy, it is his nightmare of his opponent.