China War 4 hours and final high Haiying overtime 27-24 lore 49 people

Beijing time November 12 morning at 9:20, this season, the San Francisco 49 team hosted the San Francisco 49 people in the main stage of the Seattle Hawk. As the same district, the 49 people is also the first time in this season facing the opponent that can be a war. Although the results of the Haiying team were 7 wins and 2 losses, but because the 49 people’s overtime play, the Haiying team only flexed the outer card.

If the Haiying team also wants to fight for the name of the country, this game can be said that it is crucial. The process of the game is a three fold, and the routine time two teams are 24:24, the final Haiying team is in the overtime. At the end of the first 4 seconds, the 49 people were killed in one free kick, and 27: 24. The only unbeaten team eventually defeated.


The Haiying team and the 49 people have worked 41 times in history, and the Haiying team occupies the advantage of 25 wins and 16.

Wonderful review

The offensive efficiency of the 49 people who took the initiative to start attack is good. Through the junction, they came to the Red Zone of the Haiying team in 6 minutes after the start of the first quarter, and finally played the ball to play 43 yards, Get 3 points, 3: 0. The Haiying team immediately after debut is still an offensive front line like a paper paste, the first center Justine-Britt reimbursement, and the substitute center is pushed.

The 49 team’s defensive group quickly defended the Haiying team 4 files and took it back. The Sea Eagle is not bad in this season, but basically rely on the offensive group, the first two game defensive groups were exploded by the opponent.

This is also the same, 49 people spent 4 minutes to advance as unmanned, external hand, Kran Drik-Born received 2 points in the first quarter, received four-point Guiji-Garobo After the ball, the Haiying team angle guard was easily completed, 10: 0. The first half of the Haiying team was completely restored by 49 people, and the Haiying’s defensive second-line is also easily done by 49 people, but the defensive front line of the Haiying team is not vegetarian. The Haiying team will 49 people four-point Gui Mi-Garobolo in the second quarter, and made a drop of the ball, the Haiying team outside the Haiwanese-Crawni After going to the ball, he returned to reach, recovered 7 points, 10:7.

After returning half, the Haiying team first attack. However, this attack is ended with the first round of the Haiying team. The 49 people who got the ball was 5 minutes after the third quarter of the game, and the Haiying team was 33 yards, and 3 offensive failed. Since the number of 49 people’s number one kicker Robobi-Gord is injured, they choose to play 4 stations but fail.

The Haiying team off-setting is still not possible, and it is only 2 minutes to stay in the court. However, this offensive status of the Haiying team seems to be transmitted to the 49 people, and the four points Guii Mi-Garobolo’s long biography was sent by the Haiying team. Attacking 49 people’s red districts.

The Haiying’s offensive group did not have a waste of opportunities, and the near-ended Feng Ya-Horis received a short pass of four points to Wah Wilson in the end area, completed David, Haiying team in Section III The score was over over 4 minutes before the end of the game, 10: 14. Then the 49 people team offensive group made mistakes again, and the four points Guii Mi-Garobolo were killed in this half of the half, and the ball was returned to the Haiying.

The Haiying team from the 49 people and half-games rushed out of the number of large numbers by running Kris Carson, and 1 minute before the end of the third quarter of the game, Casson ran into the 49 people’s array. Dali, 10: 21. After the Haiying’s defensive group, the 49 people’s defensive group also stood up. After 3 minutes of the fourth quarter, they made the Haiying team’s fall.

The 49 people’s defensive disappearance was returned to the ball and then successfully picked up two points and chased 8 points, 18: 21. And they followed the free kick in 6 minutes before the end of the game, and the score was flattered, 21:21. 2 minutes before the end of the competition, two teams respectively hit 2 anywhere, 24: 24, and the game entered the time.

The Hawks took the lead in initiating attacks in the overtime game, but the quarter gaussa Wilson was thrown out of the 49 people’s red area, and gave the ball to 49 people. However, 49 people prepared at the end of the final overtime, ready to kill the Hawks with 47 yards, but this time they played not only kick, but also offset.

1 minute before the end of the overtime game, the Haiying team quartz squatters Wilson runs out of the pocket and rushed out of 18 yards, directly came to the area where you can shoot. In the end of the overtime, the Haiying team’s player Jason Miles debut, he stood 42 yards, killing 49 people, and ended their 8 games, 27 :twenty four.

Player data

The Haiying Team 4-point Walsea-Wilson 34 passed 24, 232 yards, 1 time, 1 time being copied. Run Kris Carson 25 running ball, 89 yards, 1 time. External junction DK-Matcaf 6 times, 70 yards.

49 teams scorpion Gui Mi-Garobolo 46 pass 24, 248 yards, 1 time reached, 1 case. Run Vendor – Kordman 9th running ball, 40 yards. Entry Debon-Samuel 8 battles, 112 yards.