Chiefs quarterback led his unit to complete the super-God show reversal of 10 points win over Broncos

Beijing on October 2nd 8:15 am, the Denver Broncos in Denver Highlands vs. Kansas City Chiefs. Former Broncos before the start of the game 2-1, the record still can. But this season has just come to quarterback Keith Denver – Jina Mu state not as good as last season, when the Vikings. Won 2 games plus win with only four points, while last week it was 14:27 defeat to the Baltimore Ravens. After Smith, last year’s rookie quarterback Patrick – – other hand, Chiefs, in the offseason last season, played well off the quarterback Alex Macho James played well this season. He led the Chiefs since the beginning played three straight times to win the big yardage and passing touchdowns, plus three games won the match with 24 points. Chiefs finally to 27:23 victory over the Broncos continued their unbeaten record.


Kansas City Chiefs and Denver Broncos belong to the AL West, before the start of the game, the two teams played against a total of 116 times, the Chiefs with 61 wins and 55 losses got the upper hand. As early as 1960 they played against, but in the last five games, the Chiefs all win.

After the start of the season so smooth Chiefs played in the first three games the score was not even trailed. And after the end of the game before halftime the Broncos hit a free kick, when at 13:10 ahead of the Chiefs, this is the first time this season, the Chiefs came from behind.

Chiefs quarterback Patrick – Macho Holmes amazing arm strength, after the end of the last game of his interview when he said that he usually can throw the ball 80 yards or farther. When the warm-up before the game, he easily put the ball thrown 75 yards away.

Wonderful review

After the start of the race, both sides of the offensive group have not yet entered the state. In the first game, the Broncos and Chiefs were left when the first 11 minutes and 6 minutes each hit a free kick, 3: 3. In the first attack after the second start of the Chiefs, they are this season’s hot quarterback Patrick – Macho Holmes repeatedly found the number one running back Karim – Hunter scored a few yards, and opposition Colts the red zone to find their own opportunities to run into the end zone touchdowns scored. II began after 5 minutes, the Chiefs made the first touchdown, 10: 3. The Broncos subsequently fired back, last year led the Minnesota Vikings team into the finals of the National League quarterback Keith – Ji Namu a long pass found wide receiver Courtland – Sutton, came directly to the chiefs before the team’s red zone. Then running back Royce – Freeman rely on their own personal ability to change various emergency stop, escaped the layers of defense ran into the end zone, 6 minutes left in the second quarter, when the Broncos tied the Scores, 10: 10. And the Broncos before halftime, the fourth tranche of strong play, finally came to a place can be shot. Broncos kicker Brandon – McManus easily hit 34 yards free kick, took the lead three minutes into the second half, 13:10.

Chiefs at the beginning of the second half five minutes later to 1 yard before the Broncos end zone, but three attempts before touchdown ended in failure, with only a free kick tied the score, 13:13. Then the Broncos 44 yards in the half-court offense out of steals in the side, but the Chiefs did not seize this opportunity, he did not even kick a kick out of. With the Broncos defense group blocking the Chiefs, offensive group also redouble our efforts. Case – Jina Mu activated more than wide receiver, while the third quarter with 2 minutes, running back Phillip – Lindsay into the end zone, to expand the advantage will lead to a touchdown, 20:13. Broncos in the fourth quarter began three minutes later hit a free kick, continue to expand the lead 23:13. And behind the Chiefs felt at this time of crisis, quarterback Patrick – Macho Holmes pass if fitted with a sight, 10 pass 8, multiple connections number one tight end Travis – Kelsey , Kelsey before the end of the game six minutes finally scored a touchdown, 23:20. Then Chiefs offensive comprehensive fire, Patrick – Macho James found wide receiver DeMarcus – Robinson and tight end Dimitris Darius – Harris won consecutive first attack, one minute from the end of the first running back in Cary Farm – Hunter ran into the end zone touchdowns to win, the Broncos lore, 23:27.

Player data

Broncos quarterback Keith – Ji Namu 32 pass 21, 245 yards, 1 touchdown. Running back Phillip – Lindsay ran the ball 12 times, 69 yards, 1 touchdown. Wide receiver Courtland – Sutton 3 catches for 51 yards.

Chiefs quarterback Patrick – Macho Arms 45 pass 28, 304 yards, 1 touchdowns. Running back Karim – Hunter 19 run the ball 121 yards, touchdowns. Everett Travis – 7 catches Kelsey 78 yards, 1 touchdowns.


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