Chi Friends Jun self-confidence can adapt to the team arrangement If he needs him to defend the big head

Today’s Los Angeles ram has a good backfinder defensive lineup, John Johnson, Eric Wade is a reliable starting player, and in this year’s draft conference, the ram has also received Chinese teenager Chiyou Jun Further strengthen the depth of the personnel at the safety sanitary position. This week, the rookies of Los Angeles ram have appeared in the voluntary training camp, and this is also the first time that Chi Friends will participate in the training of the ram. This is the moment of dreaming of reality for this Chinese.

“This is a feeling of unparalleled dreams. This is my dream. Playing in NFL, in this alliance, this feeling is simply not able to express words.” After the first training, Chi Friendship is very excited, Words, there is nothing to do with a formal player as a ram and happiness.

After a week of training, Chi Friendou has a new understanding of his stadium. This young man has been prepared for the ram to fill all defensive positions. As long as the team needs, he can even stand with himself. Do not match the defensive frontline, go with a group of strong people.

If it is not necessary, the ravese will definitely do not want to let Chiyou Jun and Alon Donald, Michael Bocke tops with the forefront of the defensive group. However, this Chinese teenager actively said that he can accept any position.

“I mean, if they want me to fight guard, then I will try to fight the defense line. No matter how they arrange, as long as you can help the team, I am willing to accept all arrangements.” Chiyou Jun said. For a young woman in the first, I didn’t have a young madness, only a spirit of love, selfless dedication, which is probably he encompassed from Chinese traditional culture.

But in fact, Chi Friends Jun is a player full of competitive thoughts. He has also said that he has confident to eliminate John Johnson or Erik Wade Wade, but for these two predecessors, Chi Friends Quite respectful.

“I want to continue to learn from them, and Wadel is definitely a famous celebrant player. Johnson is also an incredible player. It can work with them to defend the second line. It is really wonderful. I can keep progress under their guidance. “Chi Friends Jun entered NFL less than two months, so he only wants to strive to struggle and make a little every day.

Even if Chi Friendou’s tonnage is not enough to support its defensive front line, he can fill the vacancies in other defensive positions in a timely manner. “We do have some different groups, and when you say that in the three-gear defense or face the party’s pass, I will premise the position of the wire guard at the time.” Chi Friendun acts as a few times in the tactical drill He feels uncomfortable for this.

In the male, the player’s tactical location has always changed much. Last season, Safety Samquary-Christian not only serves the responsibility of the security, but he often premises from the three defensive defensive in the ram to the location of the guards, and go to the opponent’s proximity front. This season, Chi Friendly will probably pick Mukkqui-Christian’s mission. When defending near-end, the height of Chiyoujun does not suffer, he can also use his own security experience to resolve the opposition of the opponent, Multi-functional changes are available in the defensive system of the ram, thereby gaining more playing time and competition first position.