Bundesliga today’s first version: Lian winning Bairen can not block the new season may start in September

The Bundesliga League started again, let’s take a look at what is the focus of Germany today.

1. At home 5-0 great victory Dusseldorf, Bayern is expected to hit the milestone of the season of 100 balls; the league champion has almost no suspense, “not only the personal strength is excellent, the hunger that is not satisfied is the biggest ace of Bayern. “.

2. Schalke’s home 0-1 can’t encounter 11 games, but notge got three points and strive to get rid of maillots de foot enfant the downgrade; another loss, the Schalk fans said dissatisfied: “We are early I will get it. “

3. Berlin Heat is over 2-0 to overcome Ogsburg, two new handsale leadership; “Wow! Bruno”: La Badia’s lasting Berlin Heat won three games in four games .

4. At home 0-1, Mei Zitz faced the crisis of downgrade, Hoffenheim wins, and continued to advance towards the Europeanators.

5. The land of the Lamada is killing, and the Frankfurt is 2-1 Wolfsburg, and the first victory since the 4 rounds of rematch.

6. Almost have entered the Bundesliga: The passenger is 2-1 defending the Kil, and Bilfield leads to the third place in the third place in the standings.

7. Germany reported that the New Season of Germany League may begin in mid-September, fans Maglie da Calcio are also expected to watch the battle; according to schedule, do not exclude the possibility of canceling winter break.

8. Bayern introduces Hudz? Henes said that he was taking into account that he was temporarily unable to imagine the transfer;


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