Breddy and Big Manning photo response controversial says that we have been friends

Tom Brradi and Pedon – Manning Destiny, the most divestive thing in NFL20, the two legends are also friends, and the career has a total of 17 times to leave too many classic moments. On June 27, Beijing time, the two met, but this time Braddy took a photo in the individual social platform, and confirmed their relationship: “We have always been friends!”

We may never see Braddy and Big Manning, the great four defense on the court, Braddy’s new England patriots and Bigman’s Indianapolis horses, Denver’s wild horse has passed many classic conventional routines. There are several Melan Championships in the game and playoffs.

The two met in the third week of 2001, then Braddy just welcomed the third first hair of his career, and his opponent was the 1998 NFL draft-shaped Mentian in 1998. The final patriot was at home 44:13 great victory, Braddy got the first game of his career as the first four-point guard, but no one thought that this for a lifetime started after 16 years Strike …

In 2016, Tamantan retired, he and Braddy were unlearable NFL yet, just like Messi and C Ro, who he was high, and the international football could not give a standard answer. The two ages only differed for 16 months, but the background entered the NFL had a difference. When Ning completed NFL in life, Braddy was also fighting in the Michigan University to fight. But fate, the striker must write the two people together, the two people will basically make themselves “The only opponent” in life.

It’s hard to say that Manning and Braddy are more great, the former is in the regular season, and the latter is in the playoffs in the world. More importantly, the two buddies in the same era are also in the United States, and the regular competition has not mentioned almost every year. The playoffs have to fight for you. This is undoubtedly a torment but exciting thing for the fans of the two people, and it is undoubtedly a great blessing for the majority of NFL fans.

Although the stadium is hot, it is like a Selfie that Brradi has been in the twenty, the two legends are friends outside the court. “We have always been friends, see you always very happy, Pedon.” Breddy wrote. The two people “full” is very interesting.

NBA Hall, “Tacon”, Jabal, once said: “RiValry, my definition is that no matter whether it is still their team, it has the ability to compete to compete in the same field of the same field.” Jia Bal is right, so At the end of his career, he failed to find a resident with his long-term moon in NBA. Manning and Braddy can have each other, and they are the luck of their two people, but also the luck of all sports fans.

Big Manning announced the retirement on March 7, 2016, and remember the deep confession on the initial conference to make countless ball tears. Nowadays, Brundi is still over 42. This unidentioous evergreen tree is still signs that there is no slightest yellow. Mero, Bagong on the football field, the classic Fei Attack in the tennis court, and the “Sumen” on the football court on the football court. Friends, let sports have more tenderness in “competitive”.