Boulders Qiangson: How to transform into a Hollywood gold king from a football hand that can’t find a job

Who can think of a span of “sports people”, smashed, taken Schwarzeneg and Stallille, so that Hollywood classic tough guy is once again carried forward.

He can take an enemy ten in the film and television, can hoster to hoster in a variety, more in the stadium, this with the sky, with the land, and the tough guarer, it is playing football and wrestling. “Jumite” strong Sen.

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“Hello everyone! I am a boulder Qiangson, I am stationed in B!”

On August 16, 2019, the famous Hollywood actor Down-Qi Sen (DWAYNE JOHNSON) is called “The Rock”, which is opened to Bilibili (hereinafter referred to as B Station), one of the most active video sites in China. Your official channel.

In the past two months, as of October 21, the boulder Qi Sen has got a number of 1977,000 figs on the B station, as well as 16711 million video playback.

Recent film works, removing the “speed and passion” that has just faded out of vision, the latest season of HBO episodes “Ballers” starring Jeoni Senson, also ended. The show tells the life inside and outside the professional football players, and the boulder Shengsen starred in a retired football player.

Since the online 2015, “Ballers” has been updated in the five seasons, as a “hard core” sports film and television work, wearing a large number of realistic elements about professional sports, plus HBO consistent high quality film and television production, deeply Sports industry people and fans’ love and respect.

dainik jagran chandigarh newsAmerican drama “Ballers” poster

Nowadays, Schwarzeneg, Stallilong and other legendary figure have gradually gradually gradually, who can think of it is a “sportsman” span, smashed, took this generation of old artillery class, let Hollywood classic tough guy The image was once again carried forward.

He can take an enemy ten in film and television, can host the funny in the field, and can be more in the stadium. This with the sky, with the land, and the strange tough guys, it is “Juji” Qi Sen, playing football and wrestling.


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From WWE to Hollywood

On May 2, 1972, Dao En-Qisen was born in California, a “Wrestler” – Father Rocky – Qi Sen and Grandpa Peter Maxi, is a legendary figure in their respective era.

Under the strict supervision of the father, Xiao Qiangson began to practice fist from 8 years old. At the age of 14, I went into the gym. I took a good foundation for adulthood.

ndtv 24×7 live news“Wrestler” Qi Sen Family

When reading a book at the University of Miami, Dao En-Qisen selection maintenance crime. At the time, the professional ideals were to become a FBI Federal Survey Agent or the CIA CIA, and then “took the bad guaren man away.” But let him first praise the national experience, but because of rugby – as an excellent defender of the school football team, in 1991, Dao En-Qi Sen failed to win the National Championship.

toi news headlines todayDao En-Qiangsheng, when graduated from college

However, in the 1995 NFL dragons, Dao En-Qi Si regrets, after the CFL Calgary Golden Golder team experienced grass, have to temporarily say goodbye to the prostitute of the Olive Player. But with a good body that took a self-cultivation, Dao En-Qiang Sen turned and “Son Chengqi” developed to the wrestling world.

In 1996, Dao En-Qi Sen staged the first show in the US professional wrestling alliance WWE. His people are set up, and they have been made into a character, love to say that the trash is more like to blow the tough guy, plus the grandfather and his father in the wrestling, the “Qi Sen” family’s third generation wrestler, very I have won the favorite of the audience on the stage. Also in WWE, he officially won the nickname of the day – “The Rock” Jumite.

In 1998, “Ju Shi” Qi Sen won the WWE World Championship for the first time. After that, he could not pick up, a total of 6 gold belts, and maintained a record of TV broadcasts in this event. Under his leader, WWE in the early 21st century also went to a prosperous golden age.

Boulders Qiangson on the WWE Square in 2000

After a name in the sports community, “Ju Shi” Qi Sen gradually stretched the tentacles to the film and television circle. Although this is earliest in the TV variety show and the series of TV variety show, but with the body, handsome appearance and good at funny cheerful character, “Ju Shi” is so fast in this circle. I got a good reputation.

In 2001, the 29-year-old “Boulders” starred in his first Hollywood movie “Mummy Collection”. In this film, he starred in the “Magic Emperor”. The 5.5 million golden high price is easily refreshed with the world record of Hollywood Virgin.

However, “Boulders” in the film is not too much, because the film is just a beginning to see him in Wwe’s name, just want to add traffic to the movie, and I unexpectedly, the film is released after the film is released, but it is the “Ju Shi” Ji Sen Popularity all the way. So, the second year, the “Mummy” series for his tailored “Mummy” is officially released.

“Ju Shi” Qi Sen’s “Scorpion King” stills

The “Scorpion King” released in 2002 is the first movie starring the “Ju Shi” Qisen, but also the transformation of him truly from WWE star to the Hollywood red carpet. In the next decade, Qiangson also continued to perform work such as the “destruction of the warriors”, such as the sci-fi action film, “destruction”, “super bowl”, “super bowl of dad”, limited, almost no There is another film to help the boulder Qisen hit the “scorpion king” – until 2011 “Boulders” Qi Sen played a well-known role HobBS in “Speed ??and Passion 5”, once again became his performance and career turning point.

In the movie, he was finally successful when the career aspirations of their own university – played a trump card the FBI agents. In order to comply with the image of the role, he increased his muscles weekdays strength, increase muscle 30 pounds. Handsome enough people set up, hard enough scenes, plus another one beside the Hollywood action star Super Fan – Vin Diesel addition, Johnson’s reputation “rock”, followed by “5-speed shock” – this one super IP series carry the tripod to make, once again swept the world.

Up to now, it has been expensive for the line Hollywood movie star’s “rock” Johnson, has taken more than 150 works. This year his new film “Fast and Furious” derived chapter “Fast and the Furious: special operations,” he paycheck is more than $ 20 million, or about 135 million yuan. In the 2018 Forbes Celebrity list, “rock” Johnson $ 89 million in revenue is the highest in the first 15, more than basketball player LeBron – James and quarterback Aaron – Rogers, and was Time magazine and more times named the world’s 100 most influential people.


Tenacious “boulder”

In early 2019, “rock” Johnson and NBC to launch a file Hercules variety show “The Titan Games”.

And Johnson as a program producer of “rock” behind the scenes countless spotlight, in order to maintain a good figure, also paid unimaginable hard work.

According to friends, she said, Every time I go away on business, “rock” Johnson not to seek a place to eat, drink, but first find gym. Over the years he maintained four o’clock in the morning to get up and rest, before dawn appeared in the gym.

“When I walked into the gym, I came to conquer it. I’m ready to work hard and a barbell, you must have this attitude before you start training.” Johnson said in an interview, “I most like watching the sunrise scene trained every day the sunrise, I put on headphones, listening to music, accompanied by sunrise, I’m 100 per cent in training, no time will be wasted. “

Hard work, success is not the only reason, but it must be the only way.

“He is a real monster.” His work partner Jeffrey – Morgan evaluation is straightforward.

“He always morning before dawn stormed into the gym, I do not know how he do every day at the same time he must not only deal with countless things work, but also to raise children, take care of his wife. Work life balance, God, I really special What jealousy envy hate ah. “

However, his career is now smooth sailing “rock” Johnson, also experienced the extreme hardships of life when young. In his 15 years old mother even tried to commit suicide because of economic distress – a road on the way, the mother in Nashville off Interstate 65 at the center of the car, went straight up into the oncoming traffic.

“I quickly grabbed her, pulled her back to a full gravel shoulder of the road.” Johnson recalled that scene still haunt.

“My heart often have the feeling of pain and struggling for some time even do nothing all day at home, accompanied by her mother in tears.”

But so strong Sensong breath, despite her mother experienced such a thrilling moment, but now she can not remember anything about it up. “She’d better not even think about it. I have now healed, but the world there are so many people suffering, we must try to pay attention to these people, to help them tide over the difficulties, to let them know, in their own predicament , it is not a person in combat. “

And he was in the US drama “Ballers”, but also truthfully reveal his own voice:

If you want to learn more about the “rock” Johnson, then this “Ballers” is absolutely not to be missed the reference. In the play, Johnson played after entering a retired NFL Sports Agent broker Spencer Strasmore– not forget, first job boulders career, he is a football player. Ballers design to his role, so that he almost seamlessly continue his football dream in a parallel universe.

“Boulder” Johnson sports experience, coupled with his deep understanding of the North American entertainment industry, let him ease in the interpretation of the role. In addition, given that he signed the brokerage firm is across the sports and entertainment industry giants WME | IMG, which also makes the play details the story about the sports business has become particularly true sports fans deserve serious textual criticism.

“Although I did not do what the athletes the opportunity to perform, but the self-discipline that was generated in training I still keep in mind. Now, I am willing to put these experiences, share with the world all want to come cameras before becoming an actor athletes – will you professionalism in the sports arena, to continue your career in it. “

As he plays the protagonist who always reverse the course of events, like the reality of the “rock” Johnson, a hero is always holding a heart.

Even when shooting film and television work, he never just pick happy ending and play.

“Never let the audience with a sad home.” Johnson himself had given such an interpretation. When “play this type of role than simply bring the audience senses the joy, I cherish a sense of responsibility as an actor. If you let the audience after watching the movie, ‘I can do anything, I think I can become to become the kind of person ‘self-confidence, that for me, is the most meaningful thing. “

In the gym of “rock” Johnson

In the 2015 film “San Andreas”, the “rock” Johnson played a Los Angeles fire and rescue pilot. Online there is such a considerable ridicule mean comments:

“This film too unrealistic. Johnson only needs to enter center of the earth, the earth trembled help steady enough.”

Optimistic, positive, struggle. He was like a hard “rock”, a work by one after another, full of hot-blooded attitude of these labels, one by one passed to a global audience.

Perhaps this is the “rock” produced in the sense of the public.

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