Bigrifen is still tragic! Only take a break in 2 games, the basket teen from steady sitting to the rotation

Depressed Griffin

The injury tide of this season is earlier, and Owen can’t debut has made the team lost a absolute strength. Johris is at least 4-8 weeks because of an ankle surgery. Clarkson didn’t know what strange. The disease has also lack for more than 1 month, but also under the leadership of Harden and Durant, the team steadily moved steadily, and the current 15 wins and 6 lifts in the east.

The recent Griffin can be depressed enough. The market is bought in the middle of the season. For the championship. The final team fell to the next round, and he came to the Net. He is not lying. 10 points 4.7 The board 2.4 helps, the shooting rate is 49.2%, and the three-point ball rate 38.3% is completely matched to the bottom salary. He originally thought that he will pursue more money again, he chooses to accept the base salary. However, in the new season, Griffin suddenly welcomed the decline without signs. In the same way as the last season, the data was only 5.5 points 4.9 boards, and the three-pointer hit rate was more than 16.1%, completely lost. Score.

With the stable play of each game, it has been completely replaced by Griffin, and Griffin fell out of the rotation lineup, and Griffin is 4 years old, I hope he passes A break in a period of time can slowly retrieve the state. After all, he and the original Xiaordan did not have a problem with Griffin’s play.

More tragic brown

Recently, depressed can not stand one, and one player is also the main rotation player in the Net network last season, 8.8 points 5.4 rebounds, 55.6% of the shooting rate, he is Bruce – Brown, although height is only 1 meter 93, But in the field, it often appeared as a shirt cover, good at empty, the score is basically concentrated in the inner line, and the ball is called “stealing Manba”, and the coming basket is used in a 1 year of 4.74 million qualification contracts. He leaves him. It is also the biggest sincerity that the team can give. This season has just begun, the team in order to
cultivate Kraxon to hide him, but only two games, Brown proved its value and returned to the starting lineup.

Originally thought that Brown’s spring is coming, it is about to embark on the peak of life, but he encounters a calf in the game on November 20, although it is not very serious, he only misses the following two games, but After coming back, I suddenly found my first position and didn’t have, in the face of the sun and Knicks a total of 16 minutes, the biggest reason is to play too well in his book, and the four games are 10.3. 6.8 plates 1.5 break 0.8 cover, the shooting level reached 69%, very efficient.

This brier is 1 meter 96, which is a comparative standard small forward size in the small ball. He is the strongest player in the team’s single-defense ability. Under his defense, the overall hit rate of
the opponent is only 32.2%, specific to the average Falling 10.7 percentage points, the three-point ball rate is only 23.1%, he is like the Brown, the big one, can also do it, unfolding and suppressing awareness is even more stronger, in the Diankes The competition also sent a “Top Ten Ball”-level volleyball hat, and it is no wonder that even if Brown is getting, Nash did not remove the first lineup of this British.

Brown and Griffin’s experience have some similar, but compared to Griffin career has earned a lot of money, Brown is a bit tragic, and he and the Nets signed only one contract, if this season cannot be played Excellent performance, the future can not stay in the alliance is not necessarily, but for the Net network, there are more players to play playing is a good thing. After all, there is competition, if Brown can put their own three-pointer level In addition, he will become more valuable, the chance is to win, continue to work hard!