Big data predicts the Champions League 16 lottery: Ying Chao Wesdom is catching killing, four big giants are waiting for Juventus

Beijing time on December 16th, the 2019/20th season Champions League 16 is about to begin. After more than 3 months of war, the Champions League has been released this season, of which the group’s first: Paris Saint-Germain, Bayern Munich, Mancheng, Juventus, Liverpool, Barcelona, ??Leipzig, Valencia; and 8 groups The two are: Real Madrid, Totten, Atlanta, Ma Jing, Naples, Dot, Chelsea, Lyon.

The Champions League lottery rules are also very simple, namely: 1, the first and second evads; 2. All groups first evading; 3. All groups of second evasion; 4, unified league team avoided. It is summarized that a group of first and another group of the second capture and killing, the same league avoided.

Since this European crown 16 has a half of the premium and the La La team, it will meet in the knockout stage, the Premier League and the La La team will meet. According to the result of the previous fans through the big data simulation, the Champions League 16 strongest confidence is basically the Premier League and the La Liga team to catch the killing.

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Among the lottery probability of the fans through big data simulation, Barcelona most likely encountered opponents from Chelsea (23.377%), thermal thorn (22.328%), and the remaining group second Atlanta, Lyon and Naples probability of less than 20% . The opponents that Real Madrid most encountered are Manchester City (21.878%), Liverpool (21.878%), Juventus (20.879%), the probability of Bayern and Leipzi is not enough 20%. The third-owned line of La Liga team forsakes in Manchester City and Liverpool are also higher, and Valencia has a probably encountered thermal thorn (22.677%). In the five major leagues, there has always been a controversy for the first league. If you really realize the Yingshi Xichao to kill in the 16th, I believe that the first league will be given a answer.

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As the focus team of the Champions League, Bayern has become a representative of the most likely in Bundesliga, and their opponents in the 16th is very uncertain, Real Madrid, Chelsea, Ma Jing, Naples, Lyon and Atlanta may encounter, This is the highest in the probability of Ma Jing and Real Madrid, but with the current situation of Bayern, there will be no problem with any team of the second file, and it should be able to advance.

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Zirui, Juventus is still their biggest hope this year, and the opponent’s opponent is likely to be Real Madrid, Chelsea, Dortmund, Totiff and Lyon. Which of this team is not well played, in the state of Juventus, these big giants are difficult to cope, but no matter which corresponding group is incomplete. If it is Real Madrid, C Luo will return to Bernawu to set off a giant wave; if the same group is in Chelsea, Surrey will be embarrassed; if it is a thermal thorn, Mourinho will face C Luo; If you encounter Dott and Lyon, it is difficult to violate it in Juventus. In summary, the dream of C Ro Luo Champions League is hard to last long. Juventus wants to rise in the Champions League and relies on Surrey.

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