Bell’s eyes? David Johnson three years 39 million restless red bird

Arizona Railwak is aunt David – Johnson returns to the team is to get a new contract, you may like Johnson’s wonderful performance, but for him, all this is just beginning. On the morning of September 9, Beijing time, Arizona’s official announced that they had agreed to talk to Johnson for about three years.

According to reports, the Red Season team and David Johnson completed the renewal, and the two sides reached a 39 million renewal agreement, including $ 30 million security, coupled with various incentive clauses, the maximum value of this contract It will reach $ 45 million, Johnson can receive 24 million US dollars at the time of signing, and then receive $ 4 million before March next year. According to the information, Johnson is the fifth place in the history of NFL to get 30 million maintenance. At present, the $ 13 million annual salary is second only to the Los Angeles race team, Ranked second. At the same time, 30 million guarantee rows in today’s running gateway, behind Gerli and Xiu Sakan – Bakley.

The third round of the 2015 election conference, the Red Picking team will bring David Johnson back Arizona, and now Johnson has grown into one of the strongest running guards in the league. When the team lost Andrew Elington and Chris Johnson in 2015, David Johnson became a well-deserved starting run. He ranked first with 658 yards in the final five games in the session. In the first 15 games in the 2016 season, Johnson acquired at least 100 yards, breaking the NFL history. The entire 2016 season, Johnson took the ramp attack, and completed 293 shots to get 1239 yards 16 times, and completed 80 battals and cut 879 yards 4 times.

“If you don’t know that other players on the field are running at full speed, you will not realize how good Johnson is,” Pre-saga center AQ Xipli said: “He is driving and then Outbroad, he can always get rid of the hug, even if he is stopped on the line, he can still arches two yards in front of it. “Yes, take over, if Johnson can arch, Perhaps you can get a double thousand code season.

Earlier, Johnson refused to participate in the team’s mini training camp, and since he faced the media, he became an eternal topic. Originally Johnson will enter the last year of the rookie contract, we are trying to seek a new contract. Before he renewed, he was only $ 1.88 million this year, and the two sides had negotiated on the new contract, and they hope to reach a consensus before the start of the season. This week, Johnson also said that I hope to complete the renewal as soon as possible. “Who doesn’t want a new contract? I know I will get it.” Johnson said. Now he got it.

Last season Johnson was only played in 1 game due to wrist injury, almost reimbursed. He passed the inspection of licensed returns in this spring, and this injury also made Johnson alert. We were seriously injured last year and there was no guarantee after the 2018 season, we can understand why Johnson will seek a new contract through the dismissal.

Even if you miss a season, David Johnson’s 33 years since 2015 still ranks third, Tod-Galley and Atlanta Falcon runs Guide Von Tower – Fremman with 35 records Square first. Johnson’s new contract will expire in 2021, when he will be 29 years old, this ensures that Johnson will become a good helper of the rookie quarter-Swan Rosen in the next few years, so that the brute team is guaranteed , Lay the foundation for the future.

At the same time, David Johnson’s new contract will definitely thoroughly stimulate Levian – Bell, the latter because the team gives him a privileged label, current and steel people’s relationship with the steel people, and have identified the first convention of absence When he is now missing a game, he will take $ 850,000.

Without running, you can have such an important significance like Johnson, and he touches 373 in the 2016 season, average 23.3 times a player column league offensive player. This number may continue to grow, because Johnson “young and durable”, pre-roll before the church Bruce – Alius’s evaluation of Johnson’s evaluation: “If you can, I even want him to touch 30 times, because He is the key to the attack. No matter the outside, it is still in the backfinder, or the column slot, whether it is a scorpion or a ball, he is a potential offensive means. “

As early as 2016, Johnson had a wish, I hope that I can complete a double thousand code season, now in the future, Johnson is ready to go. In addition to the number of codes, Johnson has got 33 more than 32 games in the past, and he still is still the favorite player of Fanteri fans.

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