Before the NFL superstar, because of the "Century Trial", the whole beauty is now opened again and again.

O.j. Simpson came out from the prison now has its own tweet account @ there, the former NFL star runs to establish a tweet account on June 14th at night, and a video was released on the 15th. This video time has been over 22 seconds, and more than 2 million playments have been gathered within 8 hours, and the video below is a relative message for netizens.

Simpson also has a pusher, wrote: “Congps is very happy in the video, smile and say:” Hey! Twitter New World, the world here is very real. I have my own push The special account is, you can understand the views and views of some things in the future. Now, many people pretend to be OJ online, so I stand up today, think about @ there @ Therealoj32 official account, this is definitely myself. Well, look I will be very interesting, I still have something to do, so God bless. Everyone cares. “

During this video within 10 hours, this video has obtained a large number of interactive messages, more than 6,500 replies, 9,000 forwarded and 25,000 points. As of the paper, Simpson’s video forwarding has reached 28,000, with a message of 23,000, praise 100,000, fans close to 570,000, and the growth rate is amazing. Simpson only focuses on 8 accounts, including NFL, Buffalo, Golf US Tour, Haysman Awards and South Agrobes Five Official Twitter, and @sincityattorney (seemed to be Simpson’s lawyers), @ Jsimpsonsells (Seems to be a son of Simpson, Justin, @ Tim Graham (seems to be Buffalo reporter).

Simpson re-entered the public vision through Twitter. He was a famous runner of the Buffalo, a single season of the 2000 yard, and has maintained a number of records of Bill’s history. But in 1994, the famous “Simpson Kill Wife Case” occurred in the United States: the suspect Simpson killed the ex-wife and suspected ex-wife’s condensation. However, Simpson finally completed the “Fantasy Lawyers” to complete the unneascade defend, and the case was also known as a century trial. For this purpose, a documentary is also specially taking a documentary called “Simpson: Manufacturing.”

Although Simpson was released, life has changed: the advertiser did not dare to use him again, neighbors hide him. After losing the civil laws, the house is gone, can only go to Florida’s hometown, with the mixed, and Simpson caught the economic crisis and began to steal the chicken. In September 2007, Simpson was arrested in Las Vegas, Nevada, accused of a number of heavy crimes such as holding a gun robbery and kidnapping. For self-protection, it will confess, and reach a prosecutive trading refers to Simpson’s gun. robbery. In December 2008, the judge was sentenced to 8 crimes including Simpssen kidnapping, carrying fatal weapons robbery, sentenced to 33 years of imprisonment, not bail in 9 years. On October 1, 2017, prison was released.

Why do you want to re-enter the public vision, people guess that Simpson has no money after coming from prison. From the first video, Simpson’s account will become one of the “red accounts” of Twitter monitors. Recently, the official is also rectifying the Internet, and blocks a lot of large V. As people expect, Simpson’s video has caused a lot of netizens to be discussed for him to kill the wife, and many other false messages.

It is worth noting that Simpson opened tweak on June 14, and June 13, June 13 is the 25th anniversary of the “Simpson Kill Wife Case”.