Attack and defense! Warriors have broken 20 times of defensive efficiency alliances first! Terminate the Sun 16 winning win?

Beijing time November 29th, the Warriors passed 105 more than 90 to get the fast boat, which is already the second time for the Warriors to get at least 7 consecutive victories. It is the only ball that is the only thing for this. team. This hammer, the Warriors once again showed the defensive strength of their alliance, not only 90 points, but also let the second score in the clip of Leijjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj

After winning this victory, the gap between the Warriors and the West is coming to a winner, and their next opponent is the sun, this war will directly determine whether the warrior can continue to hold the first. Although the sun is currently 16 consecutive victories such as the rain, but the warrior is also a great vision, and this power is from the two ends of the attack and defense.

Attack, the Warriors have exceeded 100 points in 20 games, and the performance is very stable. The offensive efficiency of 113 is second only to Jazz. The average assists in the field, the field is three-pointer, the union is the first, and the hit rate league is second.

Their defense is more horrible. For 20 consecutive games, the mid-range hit rate of opponents is below 50%, and the defensive efficiency has been steadily resident in the first league, and the ranking is that today is prevented from getting only 90 points
by the Warriors. This game once again explained the strongest of the Warriors. In addition, the Warriors restricted the mid rate of the mid-to-hand in the season, and the whole alliance is the first. Limit the opponent three-pointer aortic rate of 32.1%, or you can also rank 4th place.

Yes, from the perspective of data, the Warriors attack and defense is really better than the sun, but the warriors and the sun will be carried out in Phoenix, I don’t know if the warrior can end the ship’s 16th link without the main situation. Win, let us wait and see.