After the Max Muncy was selected in the 2019 season, the Los Angeles Daoqi has already had five players who have been selected for all star lineups. Select all star games, but also let Mangsi ultimately dream come true.Since the three bases of Washington National Team, Anthony Rendon will be absent from the injury, and Mangsi has entered the all-star lineup. Previously, Cody Bellinger, Liu Xianzhen (Clayton Kershaw), Walker Buehler, four Dodgers have been selected for all star lineups .With the five players selected all star lineups, the Dodge team became the largest team with all star players in all teams of the National Union, which became the biggest winner of this all-star competition.Mangsi Ben Sales, the Snake Snake Square, EscobaFor Mangsi, he is not very careful of other people’s criticism: “At present, the most important thing is to continue to work hard, don’t think about things, I never care for the results of the season, too much attention to those will People feel complacent. I expect to be hungry and expect to prove themselves every time. “In this all-star game, the coach of the Los Angeles Daochi, Daves Roberts, will become the main coach of the National United. Roberts is happy to choose from Mangxi: “The choice of the big alliance is right, I think this is a decision that everyone can recognize.”Roberts also pointed out that in this case of self-propelled and other field factors, the players who were selected for all star games were not entirely the best players on statistics. The performance of Mangxi, obviously should get a panoramic position.For 28-year-old Messea, this is the first time in his career. In this season, Mangsi has already played 21 bookmarks and completed 59 scores. The 2019 All-Star Tournament will be held in Cleveland next Tuesday. It is worth noting that Mangsi comes from Cleveland, his father is a Cleveland’s fans, for Mangxi, this all-star game will be very different.