After the end, I lost my ball to Labio.

June 29th, the French team main news European Cup lost to Switzerland, Boaga took the ball in the middle of the medium to make Switzerland to grab the counterattack opportunity by Glavovic into the score of the score. After experiencing the headlines today live latter, Bo Gaba’s defensive in this counterattack in this counterattack is very depressed and dissatisfied. After the TV broadcast lens shows, he angered Rabio after losing the ball.

Bo Gaba is clear before this mistake. The accuracy of his turn helps the French team to control the situation, and the world wave also helps the team to just lead two goals. After the Switzerland’s second goal, Bunfuli, before the shooting of the column, Boaga’s sedation of the Swiss team has caused the third grain of the French team. The Manchester United midfield after the latter can’t cover your own depression, to the teammate Liberi protected (“Fallait Y Aller”), the latter is open after the Boaga is steal. Double-handed penalties, then in front of Glavignovic, Kaibei did not make a fill in the first time, so that the Swiss striker shot angled, after ndtv latest news headlines loss, he once again complained.

After the end, I lost my ball to Labio.

Deli talked about this small episode of Boaga and Rabio after the game. “As a fighter, this scene will definitely not make him happy. But he needs to calm. Bogoba is a leader Leading the team to advance, but because we seem to be not used to this 3-1 lead ……. In any case, he needs to stay calm, because then we have the overtime. To kick. ”

(Editor: Yao Fan)

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