Abandon Howard! Woger makes 37-year-old James to fight the center, 28-year-old eyebrows in the outside

The Lakers and the Pistons were originally nothing to see, but because Stewart conflicts with James, this game attracted a lot of eating https://www.nbatrikots4.com melon people.

As a result, the game was very harmonious, there was no conflict, but the Lakers made their fans shocked cold sweat.

In the third quarter, I have a wave of 16-0. I thought that the fourth quarter was garbage time, and the piston team chased 4 points under the Leading of Corning And Grant, and the Lakers finally won the victim.

This game, the deh Hree, who entered the big list – Howard and the Londo failed to play, the lens that appeared live broadcast was two people giving the teammates and waved towels.

After https://www.nbatrikots4.com the game, I looked at the Lakers’ data contrast. In the rebounding, the Lakers behind, the total rebounding contrast is 42-53, the Lakers lost 11; the front scene contrast is 6-12, the Lakers lost 6 !

After the game, everyone is asking Woger why didn’t Hawawa?

Lakers said in an interview:

“Do not use traditional center to extend the defensive range is the biggest advantage of this game. Obviously, our offensive space has been influenced. With the in-depth, we will continue to assess the use of small lineup.

As the center of the second lineup, James will increase how to use Howard’s usage! “

This game, Xiao Jordan started 20 minutes and 38 seconds, contributing 9 points 6 board 2 steals 2 caps, and the traditional center, why is Howard not worth a minute of playing time?

I believe that many fans https://www.maillotbasket6.com have the same question with me?

Bes back, the 37-year-old Lao Zhan is robbed in the inside, the 28-year-old Davis is single, jumping out, this order is it?

Lao Zhan basically did not play 5 position, now let him adapt to this role? This is the piston does not have a high center, if you meet Gobel, letters, Joji, you still let the old Tops top?

Now that the alliance is not a big union, and ultimately you have to face higher, more strong, technically better, and say that, on the low salary space of the Lakers, you will not come. https://www.maillotsbasketfr.com Cherish, take the popularity, don’t regret it when you come?

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