At the early morning of November 23, Beijing time, the Champions League will reignite the war, of which Manchester United is just challenged Villa Rial. For Manchester United, take 3 points to equalize the line, and C Luo will impact the 140th ball of the Champions League, and the 800th ball of career. In addition, C Ro also dialogue with Messi, and he led the other party 1 goon on the year.

Last weekend, Manchester United was suffered a stable defeat, 1-4 was hung in the Balance of Watford, and Manchester United was announced by Mandun, and Carrick became a temporary coach until I found a new official coach.

Many media have questioned that C Ro returned to the Decline of Manchester United, regard him as a guide to Class get out of class in Solskia. Arsena Bed & Mero Merrise each time, there is no C Roz Manchester United.

However, the famous reviewer Zhan Jun refuted this point. He said that the spear of Manchester United recorded the talents of C Luo is not right. C Luo can go to the ball, join 13 games, and more The contribution is flat, and he is not the burden of Manchester news live breaking news United.

In any case, whether C Ro is dragged into Mansion, such a discussion will continue, and C Luo can do it as soon as possible to lead Manchester United to go out of the quagmire, and strive to strive for the championship.

Let’s take a look at the group situation. The first 4 rounds of war, Manchester United 2 wins 1 flat 1 fixed 7 points, Villa Rayar records, because of the completion of each other, the income of the incident, Atlanta 1 win 1 won 1 flat 1 loss,new breaking news 5 Third ranking third, Bern’s young people will be 3 points.

It is not difficult to see that the F group is a group of death, and Manchester United although the top of the list, but there is no great advantage, and the four teams have no hope. This round of competition, Manchester United and Villariarea is not only the top battles, but also a 6-point war, who lives in life and death.

The first round of hand, Manchester United, one degree of 0-2, and finally connected more news 3 goals to complete the reversal, C Rules staged a second second to kill the priest, and they were thrilling 3 points. This source will fight again, and Manchester United situation is dangerous. After all, the new season has so far, and the Red Devils have only two games to achieve zero seal, Dehia leading the line of defense is huge.

Of course, if Manchester United is 3 points, then the double kill against Biarere, and open the opponent 3 points, and lock a wired quota in advance.

For 36-year-old C Ronal, he also has many records to impact. First, C Lu Luo’s career into 798, and only one step away from 800 goals.

Second, C Luo hurts 139 balls in the Champions League, and the 140 goal is very close. In addition, C Ronalded Messi 16 goes 16 goals, he needs more goals to stabilize the head name of the Champions League History.

Third, C Luo scored 42 balls in 2021, and Messi is 41 goals, the difference between the two is small, if C Ro is able to go, is expected to continue the leading position.

It is worth mentioning that C Luo not only updates the social media to Sthus Kia, but also posted photos of the training. Obviously, C Luo has packed the mood and prepares the upcoming Champions League.

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