16 years old 01, kicking Bundesliga!Genius Muoco’s first show, live websites are going down

Musko is standing in Harland.When you are 16 years old, are you still reading high school?But some people have already ranched a big name, causing attention around the world.On the evening of the 21st, Dortmund deck A 5 is 5 to 2 Dasheng Berlin Head, and Hallant, who has just harvested the European Golden Toy Award a day ago.But when he returned, the TV live broadcast website of the broadcast competition suddenly crashed – the person who caused this burst state is not Hallant, but the Musko, which is replaced by him.

According to the German media, too many people want to witness the 16-year-old teenager’s Demeller, witness the birth of the youngest appearance record, resulting in the result of being overwhelmed.

One of the new legendary stories of the football?All young records are hisHow do Murcoko?In fact, in the past few years, the entire German and European football flowing on his story, which is the most incredible tall player ever.

indiatv news hindiMusko was born in Cameroon. He came to Hamburg, Germany, and joined the local Sao Baoli Club. Two years to play 23 goals for the St. Baojing Youth team.

When he was 12 years old, the kids in Delomond Diete, recruited it into a 17-year-old youth team, despite the game than a 5-year-old player, but Musoco at the 13th birthday In the 28 games before and after, 40 goals were scored …

One year later, Musko was 14 years old and began to play representing Dott U19 team.

The next year, the 15-year-old Musko 4 U19 competitions on 13 goals, the top three wear a hat, uttarakhand chamoli news the fourth big four.

In the total number of Tort U17 and U19, Mukko slammed 141 goals, contributing to 27 assists, 18 staged hats drapers, 5 performances, four times, one alone.

Musko goes like a numbness in the youth team. At the international competition level, Musko has broken the youngest appearance record of the Europa Youth League in 14 years and 9 months, in addition, he has selected the German U20 youth hosa digantha news paper team.It can be said that Musko shows that the German national team coach said:“It’s hard to believe that he has achieved so much goal in the U19 competition. In the youth team, the age gap will bring a lot, and the two years old will be very difficult …”

The previous multi-special U19 coach Schubbe, who has been guided by Musako, summed up the majority of Musako, “he has an outstanding speed, the end of the door is also very strong, he can put these The advantage is perfectly combined, I think only injuries can stop him. “

Listen, this is a Ronaldo player.

Musko has been selected in the German U20 youth team at the age of 15.Target, Champions League, Golden GlobeIt is because of Mukko’s magic, media, fans and circles, people expect to look at him in the performance of the professional first-line team, Dotmund also has this point, this summer will pick him to a team.

However, according to the German alliance, the players must be 16 years old to unveiled in Deck. In the past few months, he can only continue “躏” U19 opponent, but the whole world football is waiting for this day.

Former youngest appearance record holder Sha Xin said, “When the minimum appearance is restricted, I know that my record can’t help.”

In the 2005-2006 season, Shaxin also gave a DVR troops to Delica. The first time was only 16 years and 11 months. At that time, the minimum age limit for Dejia was 16 and a half years old.

The previous day of this round, Dortmund and Berlin Herta is November 20th, Musako finally welcomed his 16th birthday. His appearance was highly focused on everyone’s gaze, the server was once 痪It is not unexpected.

Musko records in the number of goals in your youth team. Although it is only the time of the 86th minute, there is no performance, but this does not hinder Musako to continue to get a prize – the best Hamade in the audience: “I am very happy for Musako, I think he It is now one of the most well-eager players in the world. His career will be very good. “Norwegian center did not feel embarrassed by the little brother, he had told the media before:“Muskko is much better than the same age, I have never seen a 15 or 16-year-old child so good, in this age, I also played on the team Bryne in my hometown, and he already appeared in Dortmund.”

After Muocco, I also commemorate this day on social media. “How beautiful night! I am very happy to stage the first show, but I am more happy that the team got three points. I can’t use the language to describe this feeling, thank you Everyone!”

According to the idea of ??Musko, he hopes to continue to go to Dot – last year’s interview, he also revealed his ultimate goal: “I have to win the Champions League with the team, I personally want to get the golden ball. prize.”

Hallant is very optimistic about Musko.He is still young, how to avoid “injury Zhong Yong”?The amazing trajectory of Mukko also attracted the attention of the seniors.

Cameroon’s legendary star Eto believes that Musako’s future is not limited.

The contract of Mukko and Dortmund will expire in the summer of 2022. He is currently 350,000 euros in the team, but Nike has signed a ten-year sponsorship contract, from Nike, you can get 1000 Manda’s huge.

The world football has not had a teenager genius such as Mukko – Harland, Mbpe, Maxier and even a longer Balotelli, Pato, European Award winners in Musko Nothing didn’t get so much attention.

Of course, Musko can perform in the Dott, how will his future, it takes time to prove, but just like Humels,“The professional team and the youth team are completely different worlds. He is still young, and more than the game can judge how far he can go.”

Of course, in the world football, there is no shortage of injuries – American geniors, Adu, in the age of 14, signed a professional contract with the Washington, the big alliance, but the 30-year-old Adu is already everyone, in the past Seven years he did not even have to play for any top league team.And Adu is different, Musko is standing in a higher platform. It has accepted the careful cultivation of Dort Young training from 12 years old, and more powerful, considering that Dott, a team is willing to be young people. Provide opportunities, and the following Muoccho, which is the following, is a reason to look forward to more.

As for how the height, Musko’s personal efforts, the choice of career, the help and injuries of the team will play a crucial role.

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